Excessive Drinking

GISHWHES demands your time, your mind, your soul and occasionally, your underpants.  Hunt health is imperative!  Jump-start your hemoglobin levels with a steady diet of kale and red wine.  Resveratrol for all! The last thing you want is a pesky blood clot while you’re challenging your local Rabbi to a rap battle.  So go ahead gallant GISHER, drink up!*

*Only recommended for individuals of age and nursing infants

Brought to you by Vatican Cameos and the People’s Republic of KALE


Practice Talking to Inanimate Objects

Here we have High Priestess Ellen demonstrating how to steal your child’s play dough/plasticine to create new friends*.  As you my be aware, GISHWHES items often involve animals that may or may not exist, so be prepared to empty your craft drawers/medicine cabinets/neighbour’s garbage in order to find what you need to breathe life into your own creepy version of Animal Farm.


Note - Only one three-year-old was forced to take this picture of her mother.  No other toddlers were present, but there may have been a disgruntled cat in the vicinity. 

*If you have a fear of sanitary napkins, GISHWHES may not be right for you.  Please consult your local Pork Rind Expert 


Vocal Training

GISHWHES will test the mettle of even the feistiest and fiercest of beasties.  Here, Princess Julie of Horncastle (and her faithful companion, Sir Shine of the Shire) demonstrate the importance of practicing your team’s battle cry from the top of the GISHfort.  For maximum effect, try warming up to Carry On My Wayward Son before sunrise, so your neighbours can wake to your inspiring interpretation.

NOTE: Anything your neighbours throw during your performance is obviously an offering to the mighty Elopus, You may use these items during the hunt, as they will be blessed.


Vatican Cameos - Willing to take organs from their loved ones.

Training testimonial from Lady Emma of Vatican Cameos, who has discovered that her grandmother is getting her gallbladder removed on the 1st of August.

Emma: Oh, that’s the day before the scavenger hunt!
Grandma: Oh, will you need it?
Emma: Need what?
Grandma: My gallbladder!

"I love my grandma!"
Shocking, yet true.  Stay tuned for more training secrets from Vatican Cameos.

Vatican Cameos prepare for battle!

Yes, GISHWHESians, there is scarcely a week left before the hunt!  Kenya believe it?  So, in this hazy dawn before the Elopus surfaces, we have decided to slide back the sticky curtain to reveal our super secret (nearly illegal) pre-GISHWEEK training regime.  Stay tuned for photos and testimonials, as well as random squirts of cheese and good will.

Your reigning champs, and humble servants in weirdness,

Vatican Cameos


sevendaysky said: I'm curious, how can I join this team for this year's GISHWHES? I saw a piece in the Seattle paper back in November (I'm not quite in Seattle, but thereabouts) and think it might be fun to join this year.

Sorry, our team has been full + a waiting list of friends, and we are all coming back this year. The good news is that any team with hard work + dedication can do an excellent job. Go forth and team up!


keepitspooky said: How many points did your team get last year if you don't mind me asking? You can see it in your account information on the GISHWHES website.

We got more points than any other team, and to say anything else feels like flashing our knickers.


keepitspooky said: Are you all sticking together this year?

We superglued our pinkies together in Vancouver. Nothing’s tearing us apart!


jennilah said: Hi there! I was wondering if I could ask you about how you guys built your team.. since you guys were so successful c:

Hi! Thanks for asking!

Our team was formed in two main ways:

1. Team members who were randomly placed together in the 2011 GISHWHES


2. Friends and family of those members. We know some pretty amazing people!

We have 12 people in North America, 2 in Europe, and 1 in Australia participating this year. Whilst it helps a bit to have an international team, the actual team members count for a LOT more.



***STAND BY***